Anthony Geremia's Portfolio

About Me

I make media.

I bring six years of experience in both the Public Relations and Journalism world to the table. I’ve spent that time creating content for written, online, broadcast (audio and visual), photographic, and web outlets. I’m a fantastic writer, and I know how to put that skill to work in every form and style of informational media. I believe brand stories carry just as much weight as news stories, and that there’s value in both. My Journalism background means I’m a determined researcher, and my event planning experience means I’ve been a trusted, valuable member of many a team. I work well in a collaborative setting, and I’m open to harnessing the thoughts and creativity of the people around me. Most importantly, I take pride in delivering exceptional content on time, on budget, and on message. My results should speak for themselves.

On top of my media background, I have experience conceiving, planning and executing charity events, using CISION, using the Adobe CS6 suite for photography and design, monitoring newswires, and arranging and conducting interviews. I’m currently interested in continuing my involvement in media creation in either a public relations or corporate setting.