Anthony Geremia's Portfolio

Voice Over Work

The following video was written and created by a friend of mine, Agnes Jankiewicz. She tapped me to provide the narration:

 The benefits of Weather Radios


Radio Work (680 and otherwise)

First, some content that was actually used on the air. I wrote this first piece, and it was read on January 28th, 2011. This is a recording from the broadcast:

A second item of mine was also used on February 11th. While I didn't write the story, I recorded the interviews at Dundas square in the middle, and cut them together into the short clip you hear here.


The following are demos I recorded during my time at 680 news.

First, a piece I wrote and recorded on the protests in Bahrain in February 2011:  


 A story about the benefits of alcohol:

 Four different write-ups of a celebration in Dundas square. Of note here is the fact that I recorded the audio myself, on top of writing the pieces.



Finally, my take on other types of news stories. First, we have a sports rundown:

Second, a business report:

Television Work (CBC and otherwise)

First of all, here is a selection of the stories I worked on during my time at the CBC. This is merely a collection of highlights. In each video, I've noted which portions I specifically created.




Here's a link to a news story I did for my Television class. There were technical problems with some of the audio, but the visuals are solid.

 The video